A New Kind of Hair Care

Everything in your life effects your hair and you may not know, that if you see a change in your hair it is often the sign that something else is not quite right.You hair is typically the first place you visibly see any issue, as your hair is the first thing your body sacrifices when it has a problem.Many solutions will try to mask the problem rather than resolve the source of the problem.Our holistic approach to Hair Health looks at all factors, understanding yourself & your hair to make informed decisions.
It's not about Clinics & Products

It's all about you

Your hair is unique to you. What works for some else may not work for you. Intimately know your hair, we will guide you.

Everything effects your hair. Time of Life, Environment, Time of the Year, Stress, Nutrition. We will explain how.

Your scalp & hair, is part of your skin Biome, incorporate is into your skin routine with as much love, detail & attention.

Hair is natural, it needs to be treaded like a piece of silk. Natural products are more gentle; work with nature not against it.

We believe in zen like dedication, but also fun dying & blowdrying. Know your hair and have the best of both worlds.

Looking after your hair, you will achieve the best results. We will guide you & its never to late to start.

Your hair is part of how you feel, form of expression and part of your identify, make it fabulous!

Stripped back to simply effective

“Your hair is natural and so are our products.We work with nature, not against it.”

— Hair Health Essentials Founder Clare Devereux


Levels of Hair Health

The health of your hair is shades of grey, even if it doesn’t look that way, with different levels of depth & cost. Understanding your own hair on a intimate level is your foundation for everything and we ensure its free, so everyone can have access to Hair Health knowledge.

This is how we empower you, inform you and show you how to understand your hair type and get to the root cause of your hair issue.
We are here to help, advise and assist you with our wide range of expertise.

Let us show you how the right products, lifestyle, diet and knowledge can help you have a great hair day, every day.

This is our personalised, bespoke approach. A consultation with Clare will give you a tailored solution to your hair needs , unique just like your hair .
Available either on-line or in person.

Hair Health is the new Skin Care


Just like using makeup to conceal skin issues can sometimes make them worse, the same principle applies to our hair. We often try to cover up or fix damaged hair with various products filled with synthetic ingredients that offer a quick fix. These solutions only offer temporary cosmetic relief without addressing the root problem. At Hair Health Essentials we acknowledge that our scalp and hair deserve a different, a more holistic approach. Welcome to a new concept in hair care!

Ethical values, reduced environmental impact, containing plant-based ingredients, promoting healthier hair and a cleaner conscience.

Our products are produced in Europe to the strictest standards. We are animal lovers, our products love animals too.

Your hair is natural and our products work in harmony with your hair. Also making them ecology safe in the water system..

Reduced environmental footprint, sustainability conserving resources and minimising plastic waste, crucial for a healthier planet.

Gentler approach is less harsh on your hair and scalp, reducing the likelihood of irritation or dryness and the risk of adverse skin reactions

No harmful chemicals, makes it gentler on your hair and scalp, minimising the risk of skin irritations or allergies.

Avoiding heavy, pore-clogging ingredients. Promoting healthier, more breathable hair and scalp, reducing the risk of product buildup

Gentler care for your hair & scalp, reducing the risk of dryness, irritation, and potential health concerns associated with these ingredients.

" Like a hug in a bottle, it's an experience, a ritual. "

— Jane

Our Natural hair care range

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It’s more than hair its you!

We truly believe that hair is not just hair. It is so much more. It is your confidence, your personality, your expression and your self-esteem. In short, it’s you. So, we want to harness the power of nature and the efficacy of science to partner with women on their unique hair journey. Our 100% natural hair & scalp treatments will bring back and enhance the vitality of your hair. Together, we can discover hair’s full potential.

Hair Health Clinic

Harley Street London

We also hold clinics in Dublin & Virtually

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Situated in the heart of London’s prestigious Harley Street, Our founder Clare offers personalised consultations to women experiencing hair loss and hair thinning. The consultation includes an in-depth hair analysis and a personalised treatment plan.

We also offer virtual consultations to help women all over the world achieve healthy beautiful hair. Our Clinic helps woman who are in need of personal attention. Clare’s hands–on approach and dedication to Hair Health, is core to our development of Products & Education